Our Approach

Within the next 12 months or so we plan to help as many people as we can make money online. We want to see if we can take an internet marketing beginner and turn them into an internet marketing GURU. It will take the mixture of the correct training, the best trainers, the best students, and a few great tools but I know we can do it! What will make us so successful is the ability to learn and grow as we help others and teach!!!

Our Story

As so many others have told their stories before me. I was a struggling internet marketer looking for the next big thing online. The golden ticket away from my everyday job and an easier way to make money for me and my family. Of course it was not easy at all. I was falling for scams, I was only making a few dollars online when I did make any money at all, and I was being told many lies about what I needed to do to make real income online. SO eventually I gave up and went back to working a regular job and being unhappy. Finally I saw others making money online and decided that it had to be possible and I would learn how even if it killed me. So as I learned I found success and I am still learning to this day. If you stop learning you will stop earning! Growth is very important in making money online. That is the number one tip for internet marketing beginners. plus never give up!

Who Am I

My Name is Alandra Craig, the founder, and CEO of Trillionaire Minded Business Individuals. I am also the CEO of Crafted Cleaners, LLC a Janitorial Company in the Greater

 Atlanta, Georgia area as well as Life Like Solutions Inc. a marketing company. Just to name a few things I am involved in. I like to consider myself a serialpreneur and I have been an entrepreneur since 2010. I have had some success and some failures but I continue to fight the fight! I have two beautiful children who remind me of why I am a serialpreneur and why I love it so much. I am from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and I currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia where I now call my home. I am dedicated to helping as many inspiring entrepreneurs as I can to succeed before I retire and hopefully, they will be so successful that they will do the same for someone else. I don't believe I know everything but what I do know I am willing to share and what I don't know I am willing to learn.

Alandra Craig

Alandra Craig

Founder & CEO

Alandra Craig, started Internet Marketing in 2010.

Next Step...

To get to know more about me and to contact me personally reach out to me on my social page and we can chat and get to know more about each other.